Medevac Flights

Transporting patients by air is a specialized field, and here in the western Arctic, an essential service that we at Aklak Air take very seriously. During our decades of experience serving the North, working in collaboration with our partner Air Tindi, we have developed the expertise and capacity to operate a dedicated air ambulance in the MacKenzie Delta – Beaufort Sea region. We pride ourselves to providing the highest quality medevac service by ensuring patients are transported in the most efficient aircraft available, and accompanied by qualified medical personnel.

Aklak Air responds to requests for medevac flights in a timely and flexible manner. Emergency flight response time can be as short as forty-five minutes from the time the flight crew receives authorization to proceed. Elective flights can be arranged as quickly as a few hours after notification, or planned months prior to the actual trip.

Patients are transported in the most efficient aircraft available: pressurized Beechcraft King Air 200GT, configured with a full medevac interior. This aircraft is dedicated to Air Ambulance service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The medevac aircraft is designed to carry up to two stretchers and one isolet, or any combination thereof, paramedic escorts and family members. When we must transport one or more critical patients, there is room for additional advanced life support equipment.