McDonnell Douglas DC-3T

Through our partnership with Kenn Borek Air Ltd., Aklak Air has seasonal access to this aircraft, which has an extraordinary capacity for carrying bulky cargo. The oversized door and 1,225 cubic foot interior enable transportation of a variety of heavy and/or oversized pieces. The DC-3T is ideal to service the diverse cargo operations we are sometimes asked to provide. In addition, the seating arrangement choices of the DC-3T allow for a varied mix of passenger/cargo loads, with ease of conversion enabling maximum versatility and flexibility for our customers.


Wing Span 90 ft
Length 67 ft 8.5 in
Height 18 ft 3 in
Stabilizer Span 38 ft
Cabin Non-pressurized
Cargo 8,500 lb (minimum fuel range)
Door Size 71″ x 56″
Speed 215 knots
Range 2000 nautical miles (with reserve)
Runway 2,900 – 3,500 ft (depending on load)