McDonnell Douglas DC-3T

This aircraft is an excellent fit for Aklak Air as it has an extraordinary capacity for carrying bulky cargo. The oversized door and 1,225 cubic foot interior enable transportation of a variety of heavy and/or oversized pieces. The workhorse of our fleet, the DC-3T is ideal to service the diverse cargo operations we are asked to provide. In addition, the seating arrangement choices of the DC-3T allow for a varied mix of passenger/cargo loads, with ease of conversion enabling maximum versatility and flexibility  for our customers.


Wing Span 90 ft
Length 67 ft 8.5 in
Height 18 ft 3 in
Stabilizer Span 38 ft
Cabin Non-pressurized
Cargo 8,500 lb (minimum fuel range)
Door Size 71" x 56"
Speed 215 knots
Range 2000 nautical miles (with reserve)
Runway 2,900 - 3,500 ft (depending on load)

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